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Use our interface to add products and solutions yourself, or have our team do it for you.

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    Confirm your product
    Every 4 months, click Confirm to indicate that you are still offering the product.

How Blimp.db Works

  • Build your network

    Blimp.db is a B2B network for the construction industry. Just as how connections are made on LinkedIn and Facebook, Blimp.db provides an easy way for suppliers to build connections with architectural & interior design companies.

  • Join designers' libraries

    Connecting with specifiers makes your products a part of their digital library, which is available to all designers within the organisation. Designers can then specify your products in any of their projects.

  • Fast product search

    Architects & designers can search through products from connected suppliers (or the entire database) with our purpose-built search engine.

  • Get leads via enquiries & RFQs

    Architects & designers can search for firms supplying specific types of products & solutions. They send suppliers enquiries or Requests for Quotations to find solutions that help achieve their design intent.

  • Product data quality

    Ensure your products have complete info, images & attachments to help your products appear higher in our search results.

    Every product has to be regularly confirmed to let specifiers know that it is still available from your firm.

How Your Products Will Look To Architects

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