Blimp.db is an an AEC industry-wide online space for showcasing finishes, materials & building solutions where specifiers and suppliers can connect.

Specifiers include Architects, Interior Designers, M&E Consultants, Landscape Architects, Lighting Consultants, Civil & Structural Engineers, Builders and Contractors.

Our interfaces

Blimp.db Supplier

Input building products & solutions; manage business connections; respond to Requests for Quotations; and converse with specifiers.

Blimp.db Designer

Manage Company Libraries, Project Scrapbooks, TDAs & Request for Quotations.

Product Coverage

So what types of products are in the Blimp.db Database?


Site Products

Products used on the project grounds and site.


Structural and Exterior Enclosure Products

Products used to provide the facility’s structure or to enclose the facility or provide protection from the elements.


Interior and Finish Products

Products used inside the facility to finish surfaces and divide spaces.


Openings, Passages, and Protection Products

Products which allow for access within a facility or between a facility and the outside.


Specialty Products

Architectural and other accessories and ornamentation used on the exterior and interior of the facility, and other miscellaneous products.


Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment Products

Amenities and other products that enable the use and enjoyment of the facility, both interior and exterior.


Conveying Systems and Material Handling Products

Products that comprise systems to transport people or materials.


General Facility Services Products

Facility Service products that have uses in multiple disciplines.


Facility and Occupant Protection Products

Products intended to protect both the occupant and facility from harm.


Plumbing Specific Products and Equipment

Products specifically related to plumbing.


HVAC Specific Products and Equipment

Products specifically related to HVAC.


Electrical and Lighting Specific Products and Equipment

Products specifically related to electricity and lighting.


Utility and Transportation Products

Products used for providing utility services and products specific to transportation applications.

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